Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Eugene McGuinness - LION Single cover

I worked on this a week or so ago with Will and Dylan aka the directing duo 32.
The model is the delightful Rebbecca Victoria who I met on the Magnetic Man video.
For Rebbeccas hair I used Sugar Shock from Tigi Candi fixations range and for the Tatoo i used up a lot of patience. The original was sketched by a friend of 32 up north Giulio Bigazzi you can see it below.

Everyone's raving about Eugenes up and coming new album check him out here

Thanks to Issey for your support on the day! Also  the Lennox brothers for leaving the Pinot Noir!!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Painting Oonah..

Aqua Colour, Supra Colour and MAC acrylic.
Model Oonah Anderson
Painting by Me assisted by Theressa Davis

Monday, October 17, 2011


I worked on the London part of this, shes my No.1 always ....Ellie Goulding...

Eugene McGuinness - LION Directed by 32

I worked on this video with my favorites 32.  Will and Dylan. Here's Eugene McGuinness with LION. Got a sneaky listen to his new album in the car. Its Epic.  He is definitely one to watch out for and what a talented dapper lad he is.
Art direction is beautiful in its simplicity and Pigeon shit starkness, I kid you not we stood in it all day.

Directed by 32
Art Direction Nathan Parker
Assisted by my brother Joseph wearing and Lewis Teague Wright
Choreography by Supple Assisted by Caramel
Styling the lovely Jemima Penny
Assisted by Annelise Buesnel
Hair and Make up Me/ Lucy Wearing
Assisted by Andrea Gomez
All Produced by Stacy, Stacy Vaughan

I  got to try out the Bed Head Tigi Candy Fixations range, I used loads of sugar dust to get a matte finish on the hair and the ferrel messy look combined with Sugar shock to enhance the natural movement of the hair, leaving it just perfectly unkempt.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Photography Louie Banks
Model Mimi Wade
Dress by Coco Fennel
Hair by Sami Knight
Make up by me
Shot in my studio Studio in the Palace contact Graeme through our web page for more details.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Oh Oonah, how you remind me of Veruschka

My demo from Saturday
Model - Oonah Anderson
Make up by ME -  Lucy Wearing/ Lovebird depending on how you know me.

Whats your sneaker thing? Foot Locker putting the SEX into SNEAKER

We shot this commercial recently, for 2 days we sweated people up watched them writhe and listened to them groan. It was really quite something....

Directed by Mr Sam Washington
Styling Minty Cadwallader
Hair and Make up Me
Assisted by Andrea Gomez and Oonah Anderson

Friday, October 7, 2011

So I guess this comes under "some of the things I get up to..." TIGI BED HEAD CANDY FIXATIONS

So Yesterday I went to Purple PRs event of the aforementioned new product range, what a delight it was a magical world of irredescent candies, milk bottles, lollypops and Fizz....NOT Frizz.

Im not really one for my hair smelling like sweets but this stuff is divine, with products with yummy names such as Sugar Dust. Sugar Shock, Totally Baked, Mega Whip.. hair care straight from Charlies Chocolate Factory.

I came home with Carnaby Streets very own Denim Delicious Simone Clarke, whos hair I have bleached 3 times in as many days and is still as soft as babies.  No volume Simone...Not anymore she left looking like a Cherish Madonna and padded down the street leaving a delicious trail of loveliness.

Check out the products.  Candy Pin up girl has hair to dye for. Jealous! She looked every bit a Candy Fixation yesterday with great make up from Nina Fay Robinson, who I am proud to say that I taught once upon a time.

Here's the ever delicious Josh Quinton and Sami Knight having a lick of the Lolly.  I'm not sure which josh was most pleased about coming across a giant lolly pop or the fact the goody bag went so well with his out fit! And the lovely Louie and mega babe Mimi sampling some good old fashioned confectionery on sticks.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Mimi models for Carianne Moore Shoot.. by Louie Banks

Model - The everso delicious Mimi Wade
Designer -  Carianne Moore ( turns out we were studying at LCF, JPS at the same time , I was on the 4th floor Carianne on the 6th)
Photography - Mr Louie Banks
Hair -  Louis Byrne @ Frank agency
Make up - Me Lucy Wearing

Cariannes pieces are inspired by tribal adornment from all over the globe, one of my favourite subjects to harp on about ... if I taught you you'd know that.

Check out more Carianne Moore here

Want more Louie Banks?

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The final Instalmet from the i-D 'This is how we do it' project..oh yes..and its a scorcher..Not for the light hearted..Introducing the mischevious fire cracker that is Miss Harriet Verney

This is how we do it: Harriet Verney

The genius lives on…

Harriet ‘harbinger-of-the-new’ Verney is a nipple-flashing, bum-pushing, lip-pouting, tongue-lapping, lean-streak of pedigree perfection.

My word you can not forget this girl in a hurry what a wonderfully eccentric ball of talent and electricity described so perfectly by the legend that is Tessa Christian.  She literally is ALL of those things magnified.

Find out more about Harriet id you dare... click the link below..

Photography - Louie Banks
Hair - Sami Knight
Make up - Me /Lucy Wearing
Words - Tessa Christian
Clothes and styling - Mimi Wade

I am so proud to have been a part of this project... so come on Harriet..Whats next?

Surely I didnt forget to tell you about this dapper gentleman. Introducing Mr Harry Mundy - Boy jove he is from good stock!

i-D This is how we do it: Harry Mundy

Harry Mundy is the spick and span Kings Road stalwart who weaves eccentricity with every stitch and snip he makes.

 I heart Harry Mundy and so did Graeme so there, If we could have one we would, to find out more about this special fellow click the link below.

Photography - Louie Banks
Hair - Sami Knight
Make up - Me/ Lucy Wearing
Suited attire all - Mr Mundys
Words - Harriet Verney

Thank you to Andy Stem AKA Bambinos for the lend of the rather large magnifying glass, you can find anything in there from leather jackets worn by Kate Moss in Vogue to Egyptian scriptures ( probably) but def the Kate Moss bit.  If you need something call Andy..
32 Church Road, Crystal Palace, London SE19 2ET
020 8653 9250

Monday, September 5, 2011

"Well Hello there Oonah.."

One of my demos from the other day, the beautiful Oonah Anderson, Make up by me.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Blog of the Week #35.. Warpaint, Lashes & Glue

So my Blog has been blogged!!!  Many thanks to Emma at for awarding me with Beauty blog of the week and her very kind words.

Also a big thank you to everyone mentioned/ pictured within my blog -it is all of you,  that make my life sound so exciting!!...or should i say make my life so excitinng! Lastly thank you to Kate - who was on my case to encourage me to blog more xx

This week’s blog of the week is Warpaint, Lashes & Glue, a place of bona fide professional makeup designer that is maintained by the incredibly talented Lucy.

The blog is a scrapbook of cutting edge artistry with some awesome photography thrown in for good measure. Lucy is a beauty renaissance woman: not only is she a hair and makeup artist, but she’s also a stylist and an associate lecturer. Phew.
The technical brilliance of her work is evidenced all over the blog, from making up musicians to creating fantastical special effects. Even if you have no interest in makeup, the ridiculously exciting stuff that Lucy gets up to is reason enough to make her a permanent fixture to your blog roll!

check it out, click the link below 

If you are new to my blog...just keep scrolling down 

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


This is how we do it: Mimi Wade

East London’s a tricky place to be right now, one can barely move without tripping over their jaw upon seeing designer Mimi Wade, the blue-haired bombshell tottering around in her Buffaloes.

Photography Louie Banks
Hair Sami Knight
Make up Me 
Words Harriett Verney
Model and all clothing Mimi Wade
Shot in Studio in the Palace 

CocCo Fennell and the dream team

Shot in our Studio by Louie Banks
Hair Sami Knight
Make up Me
Dresses and styling Coco Fennell
Model the beautiful Mimi Wade
Check out COCOs beautiful collection at

Thursday, August 18, 2011

This is how we do it i-D: Rhys James Hailing from the ultra-bohemian town of Stroud in Gloucestershire, musician Rhys James has more magic in his fingertips than Uri Geller (and that’s saying something)!

'On first meeting, one assumes he is slightly vanilla, blatantly in a band, wears crotch hugging jeans and has an inflatable ego in his front pocket, but one would be wrong.'

Photography Louie Banks
Hair Sami Knight
Make up Lucy Wearing
Suit Harry Mundy
Words Harriet Verney
Art direction Harriet Verney and Scarlett Carlos- Clarke

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Everybodies Starry Eyed.. Ellie Goulding

Directed by Dougan O Neal here's the US version of Starry Eyed.

Hair Adam Reed
Make up ME
Silverpoon Styling
Nails Sophie Robson

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

August 10, 2011 This is how we do it: Scarlett Carlos Clarke

Aged nineteen and already creating pieces that have art critics chattering like there’s no tomorrow, Scarlett Carlos Clark is the World’s End pirate who can perhaps best be summed-up with the title of one her most renowned sculptures: ‘a stick with boobs on it.’

Read more here

This is how we do it introducing Scarlett Carlos Clarke.  With Beano Scarlett's parrot.  Hes 50! Where the wild things are...

Photography - Louie Banks
Hair - Sami Knight
Make up - Me
Dress designed by - Mimi Xenia Tallulah Wade
Art Direction Scarlett Carlos Clarke
Words - Harriet Verney

Friday, August 5, 2011

Now for something a bit different...LUKOZADE FEAT JCQ BAND

Heres the trailer to the Lukozade commercial we shot recently and got up to lots of mischief with the JCQ band in B B Brighton!  Hopping from Travel lodge to Travel lodge with the youngest steady cam op in the country , Tony Crouch and piggy back rides from the mountain that is Julian. - yes I do take my job very seriously....

Hair and Make up - Me assisted by Theresa Davies
Styling - Georgia Broaders assisted by Sarah Marie Collins AKA Siren
Produced by Lucy Banks
Directed by - Dom Bridges

Monday, August 1, 2011

My favourite boy, MR LOUIE BANKS! for i-D online....

So whats to say about Louie, anyone that knows me knows how much I love Louie Banks, I love being with him, I love working with him...and i love talking about him!  The i-D piece written by Harriet Verney describes him to a T.

'A scatty, fire-breathing Brighton kid and son of a human cannonball'......
'This bow-legged, buffalo wearing, snapper’s quest for photographic perfection is all over the shots for This Is How We Do It. In whatever weird, warped and wonderful way Louie chooses to interpret his subjects, he never fails to produce a picture that can stop one’s head fitting through a door.'

- That's just for starters.

Click below to see Louie's full feature..

Click below to read my past posting on Louie

Hair - Sami Knight
Make up - Me
Art Direction and words - Harriet Verney

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


All the beautiful people...
Sooooo...Last weekend I shot for i-D with Louie Banks behind the camera and Sami Knight hair visionaire.

left to right: Mimi Wade, Rhys James, Louie Banks, Scarlett Carlos-Clarke, Harriet Verney and Harry Mundy. Every Tuesday a shot will come on line featuring one of them showcasing their talents. Click on the link below to read the feature and watch the video.

I got my picture taken by Louie for it. YAY! so here's me and the Hair Visionaire Mr Fabulous Mr Sami Knight.. the beautiful Sophie Gaten - Assistant stylist/photographer and dashing Tom Weavin - Film maker/Producer

So dont forget to check every Tuesday i-D online.....over and out.

Photography ; Louie Banks
Hair ; Sami Knight
Make up ; Me

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


i have lost count of how many pairs of contact lenses I have used this month, these one are ultra blue...
NERO!!! would you believe Alana the singer is a mid wife, she's a love, I enjoyed spending the day with her and my assistants Theresa Davies, Andrea Gomez, Oonah Anderson and the lovely Candy Alderson who did the 2 main girls hair.

Directed by - BEN NEWMAN
Hair and make up - Me/  Lucy wearing
Hair - Candy Alderson
Assisted by- Theressa Davies, Andrea Gomez and Oonah Anderson

The Pierces 'It will not be forgotten"

The Pierces Sisters, this is a beautiful song penned by Alison who takes the main vocal, a bittersweet tale of Love Life and Loss that are etched into most of our memories as we tread down our own pavements.

Directed by Nick Bartlett
Styling- Rachel Bakewell
Styling Assistant - The ever hilarious Hayley Caine
Hair and Make up - Me/ Lucy Wearing

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


I'll never tire of working with Yasmin, this is the first time I haven't made her look ...well weird! We had a lot of fun in the room of DISORDER!!!!

Hair and Make up Me
Styling Aimee Croysdill
Directed by James Copeman

Saturday, June 4, 2011

And Another... Louie , Sami and Me on the roof of 123 with some hot girls.... and the beautiful Charlotte Roberts

remember to click on the picture to see the whole shot!

On the roof of 123 with Louie Banks, Sami Knight, Charlotte Roberts and ME! oooo and some hot girls!

Click on the picture to see the whole shot..
Sami Knight does the most fabulous big hair you've ever seen
Whilst Louie Banks is just so edible such a big talent, see my previous blog on Mr Louie Banks
Charlotte Roberts sexed up the lot with her strong sexual styling! Check out Miss Roberts' brilliant blogging

Friday, June 3, 2011

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Testing with Christian Page and Josh Goodwin

Heres a shot from a day with Christian, Josh and Christian's beautiful other half she did the styling..she looks just like Claudia Schiffer!

This was fun a whole day of play for me and josh... were in the army now etc.... to be continued

Photography - Christian Page
Hair - Josh Goodwin
Make up - Me

Thursday, May 26, 2011

WOLFGANG - The King and All His Men

Amelia by Dan Curwin

GO ON WOLFGANG!! - I love these guys they are SO good live, you should definately catch one of their shows if you haven't already.

1 Day at Beachy head and 1 day in the Chislehurst Caves, something like 1500 or 15000 people lived in those caves during the war and apparently according to Geoff, Druids used to sacrifice women and children in there apparently it was an honor to be chosen.

Most haunted MUST have done an episode down there...but I'm not sure about that.

The tunnels stretch 22 miles underground. You can tour the caves with a guide. There is also a serious reenactment club next door. There were lots of Thor like characters munching on sandwiches, supping tea on the veranda with all sorts of artillery strapped to their backs.  Of the plastic variety and Geoff a genuine tour guide should know, he's a retired cop from Texas. It was a bit like going on an educational school trip and making a music video.  At Beachy head it was a bit like going on a hiking expedition and doing the same.

Anyhow, I got to spend 2 days with the lovely Aimee Croysdill (stylist) and Max and Aimee's assistant Leila Hartley, ANNNGUS, Dan and the rest....and fish and chips on the beach as the sun set.

I can't seem to embed the video so here's a link 
directed by the James Lees
The King and all his men - WOLFGANG
Styling Aimee Croysdill
Hair and Make Up - Me, Lucy Wearing

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Fancy a bit of electronic goth pop? - Yes! I thought so...So check out  

Photographer - Dan Curwin
Art Direction - Dan Sanders
Make up - Me

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Studio in the Palace... Introducing Hayley Caine

Here's a little bit of what we've been up to at the studio this week, Introducing the lovely leggy Hayley Caine - designer/ stylist/ model/ actress/ DJ and the girl with the most amazing hair in the world!

More to come, watch this space....

You can rent our studio, special rates for students check out our website..

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

UNORTHODOX - Wretch 32 feat. Example Directed by Ben Newman

So this was a pretty full on video shot on 2 days, my day was spent on Broadwater farm estate in Tottenham in various stairwells where Wretch 32 grew up and still lives. I was a bit thrown when the taxi driver refused to drive me on to the estate because he claimed it was too dangerous... well after a 10 minute debate he did.

So my characters were the goth ballet dancer and Jasmine that you would have previously seen on my blog in the Wiley video as a manga street dancer. Also Wretch 32 and Example in and around the estate and pirate radio station. Plus the amazing kid dancer.... the rest of the make up was down to Bianca Simone.
All in all another great video from Ben Newman well deserved winner of best new director at the VMA's

Monday, March 21, 2011

Coming soon...

Saturday with Oonah ...

I bought an i pad! Yay!  So I figured that I would be able to blog more.... however I was disappointed to learn that I cant upload images from my i pad...grrrr.... So if anyone knows of a good blogging App please be sure to let me know about it...

So here she is, the supremely beautiful Oonah Anderson...
Editorial demo

Skin: Face and body mixed with strobe and Full Coverage MAC
Eyes; Arena/ Behold/ Charcoal Brown/ White Frost/ Agate/ Foiie all eyeshadows by MAC + fluidline liner
Eyebrow Pencil; Taupe by MAC
Lashes; Pazzery Bouffard
Lips; Sheen Supreme a new lipstick/gloss from MAC
Mineralize Powder by MAC

Catwalk demo 

Skin; Face and Body from MAC
Eyes; Electric Eel/ White Frost eyeshadows from MAC
Red Paintstick by MAC
Lashes; Jewel lashes from Pazzery and Bouffard
Lips; Cool Pink Paintstick by MAC
Blot Powder by MAC

I love MAC products what more can I say....

Make up and Photography by Me
Model Oonah Anderson