Wednesday, August 24, 2011


This is how we do it: Mimi Wade

East London’s a tricky place to be right now, one can barely move without tripping over their jaw upon seeing designer Mimi Wade, the blue-haired bombshell tottering around in her Buffaloes.

Photography Louie Banks
Hair Sami Knight
Make up Me 
Words Harriett Verney
Model and all clothing Mimi Wade
Shot in Studio in the Palace 

CocCo Fennell and the dream team

Shot in our Studio by Louie Banks
Hair Sami Knight
Make up Me
Dresses and styling Coco Fennell
Model the beautiful Mimi Wade
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Thursday, August 18, 2011

This is how we do it i-D: Rhys James Hailing from the ultra-bohemian town of Stroud in Gloucestershire, musician Rhys James has more magic in his fingertips than Uri Geller (and that’s saying something)!

'On first meeting, one assumes he is slightly vanilla, blatantly in a band, wears crotch hugging jeans and has an inflatable ego in his front pocket, but one would be wrong.'

Photography Louie Banks
Hair Sami Knight
Make up Lucy Wearing
Suit Harry Mundy
Words Harriet Verney
Art direction Harriet Verney and Scarlett Carlos- Clarke

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Everybodies Starry Eyed.. Ellie Goulding

Directed by Dougan O Neal here's the US version of Starry Eyed.

Hair Adam Reed
Make up ME
Silverpoon Styling
Nails Sophie Robson

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

August 10, 2011 This is how we do it: Scarlett Carlos Clarke

Aged nineteen and already creating pieces that have art critics chattering like there’s no tomorrow, Scarlett Carlos Clark is the World’s End pirate who can perhaps best be summed-up with the title of one her most renowned sculptures: ‘a stick with boobs on it.’

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This is how we do it introducing Scarlett Carlos Clarke.  With Beano Scarlett's parrot.  Hes 50! Where the wild things are...

Photography - Louie Banks
Hair - Sami Knight
Make up - Me
Dress designed by - Mimi Xenia Tallulah Wade
Art Direction Scarlett Carlos Clarke
Words - Harriet Verney

Friday, August 5, 2011

Now for something a bit different...LUKOZADE FEAT JCQ BAND

Heres the trailer to the Lukozade commercial we shot recently and got up to lots of mischief with the JCQ band in B B Brighton!  Hopping from Travel lodge to Travel lodge with the youngest steady cam op in the country , Tony Crouch and piggy back rides from the mountain that is Julian. - yes I do take my job very seriously....

Hair and Make up - Me assisted by Theresa Davies
Styling - Georgia Broaders assisted by Sarah Marie Collins AKA Siren
Produced by Lucy Banks
Directed by - Dom Bridges

Monday, August 1, 2011

My favourite boy, MR LOUIE BANKS! for i-D online....

So whats to say about Louie, anyone that knows me knows how much I love Louie Banks, I love being with him, I love working with him...and i love talking about him!  The i-D piece written by Harriet Verney describes him to a T.

'A scatty, fire-breathing Brighton kid and son of a human cannonball'......
'This bow-legged, buffalo wearing, snapper’s quest for photographic perfection is all over the shots for This Is How We Do It. In whatever weird, warped and wonderful way Louie chooses to interpret his subjects, he never fails to produce a picture that can stop one’s head fitting through a door.'

- That's just for starters.

Click below to see Louie's full feature..

Click below to read my past posting on Louie

Hair - Sami Knight
Make up - Me
Art Direction and words - Harriet Verney