Tuesday, March 29, 2011

UNORTHODOX - Wretch 32 feat. Example Directed by Ben Newman

So this was a pretty full on video shot on 2 days, my day was spent on Broadwater farm estate in Tottenham in various stairwells where Wretch 32 grew up and still lives. I was a bit thrown when the taxi driver refused to drive me on to the estate because he claimed it was too dangerous... well after a 10 minute debate he did.

So my characters were the goth ballet dancer and Jasmine that you would have previously seen on my blog in the Wiley video as a manga street dancer. Also Wretch 32 and Example in and around the estate and pirate radio station. Plus the amazing kid dancer.... the rest of the make up was down to Bianca Simone.
All in all another great video from Ben Newman well deserved winner of best new director at the VMA's


  1. The dancer names Jasmine whats her second name?

  2. oo not sure I just call her Jaz! ill have a look on the call sheet when i get a mo...

  3. oh yeah, can you please. shes a wicked dancer and i want to know more about her. :)