Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Mimi models for Carianne Moore Shoot.. by Louie Banks

Model - The everso delicious Mimi Wade
Designer -  Carianne Moore ( turns out we were studying at LCF, JPS at the same time , I was on the 4th floor Carianne on the 6th)
Photography - Mr Louie Banks
Hair -  Louis Byrne @ Frank agency
Make up - Me Lucy Wearing

Cariannes pieces are inspired by tribal adornment from all over the globe, one of my favourite subjects to harp on about ... if I taught you you'd know that.

Check out more Carianne Moore here

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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The final Instalmet from the i-D 'This is how we do it' project..oh yes..and its a scorcher..Not for the light hearted..Introducing the mischevious fire cracker that is Miss Harriet Verney

This is how we do it: Harriet Verney

The genius lives on…

Harriet ‘harbinger-of-the-new’ Verney is a nipple-flashing, bum-pushing, lip-pouting, tongue-lapping, lean-streak of pedigree perfection.

My word you can not forget this girl in a hurry what a wonderfully eccentric ball of talent and electricity described so perfectly by the legend that is Tessa Christian.  She literally is ALL of those things magnified.

Find out more about Harriet id you dare... click the link below..

Photography - Louie Banks
Hair - Sami Knight
Make up - Me /Lucy Wearing
Words - Tessa Christian
Clothes and styling - Mimi Wade

I am so proud to have been a part of this project... so come on Harriet..Whats next?

Surely I didnt forget to tell you about this dapper gentleman. Introducing Mr Harry Mundy - Boy jove he is from good stock!

i-D This is how we do it: Harry Mundy

Harry Mundy is the spick and span Kings Road stalwart who weaves eccentricity with every stitch and snip he makes.

 I heart Harry Mundy and so did Graeme so there, If we could have one we would, to find out more about this special fellow click the link below.

Photography - Louie Banks
Hair - Sami Knight
Make up - Me/ Lucy Wearing
Suited attire all - Mr Mundys
Words - Harriet Verney

Thank you to Andy Stem AKA Bambinos for the lend of the rather large magnifying glass, you can find anything in there from leather jackets worn by Kate Moss in Vogue to Egyptian scriptures ( probably) but def the Kate Moss bit.  If you need something call Andy..
32 Church Road, Crystal Palace, London SE19 2ET
020 8653 9250

Monday, September 5, 2011

"Well Hello there Oonah.."

One of my demos from the other day, the beautiful Oonah Anderson, Make up by me.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Blog of the Week #35.. Warpaint, Lashes & Glue

So my Blog has been blogged!!!  Many thanks to Emma at for awarding me with Beauty blog of the week and her very kind words.

Also a big thank you to everyone mentioned/ pictured within my blog -it is all of you,  that make my life sound so exciting!!...or should i say make my life so excitinng! Lastly thank you to Kate - who was on my case to encourage me to blog more xx

This week’s blog of the week is Warpaint, Lashes & Glue, a place of bona fide professional makeup designer that is maintained by the incredibly talented Lucy.

The blog is a scrapbook of cutting edge artistry with some awesome photography thrown in for good measure. Lucy is a beauty renaissance woman: not only is she a hair and makeup artist, but she’s also a stylist and an associate lecturer. Phew.
The technical brilliance of her work is evidenced all over the blog, from making up musicians to creating fantastical special effects. Even if you have no interest in makeup, the ridiculously exciting stuff that Lucy gets up to is reason enough to make her a permanent fixture to your blog roll!

check it out, click the link below 

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