Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The final Instalmet from the i-D 'This is how we do it' project..oh yes..and its a scorcher..Not for the light hearted..Introducing the mischevious fire cracker that is Miss Harriet Verney

This is how we do it: Harriet Verney

The genius lives on…

Harriet ‘harbinger-of-the-new’ Verney is a nipple-flashing, bum-pushing, lip-pouting, tongue-lapping, lean-streak of pedigree perfection.

My word you can not forget this girl in a hurry what a wonderfully eccentric ball of talent and electricity described so perfectly by the legend that is Tessa Christian.  She literally is ALL of those things magnified.

Find out more about Harriet id you dare... click the link below..

Photography - Louie Banks
Hair - Sami Knight
Make up - Me /Lucy Wearing
Words - Tessa Christian
Clothes and styling - Mimi Wade

I am so proud to have been a part of this project... so come on Harriet..Whats next?

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