Monday, March 21, 2011

Saturday with Oonah ...

I bought an i pad! Yay!  So I figured that I would be able to blog more.... however I was disappointed to learn that I cant upload images from my i pad...grrrr.... So if anyone knows of a good blogging App please be sure to let me know about it...

So here she is, the supremely beautiful Oonah Anderson...
Editorial demo

Skin: Face and body mixed with strobe and Full Coverage MAC
Eyes; Arena/ Behold/ Charcoal Brown/ White Frost/ Agate/ Foiie all eyeshadows by MAC + fluidline liner
Eyebrow Pencil; Taupe by MAC
Lashes; Pazzery Bouffard
Lips; Sheen Supreme a new lipstick/gloss from MAC
Mineralize Powder by MAC

Catwalk demo 

Skin; Face and Body from MAC
Eyes; Electric Eel/ White Frost eyeshadows from MAC
Red Paintstick by MAC
Lashes; Jewel lashes from Pazzery and Bouffard
Lips; Cool Pink Paintstick by MAC
Blot Powder by MAC

I love MAC products what more can I say....

Make up and Photography by Me
Model Oonah Anderson


  1. love this! so much MAC makeup used, this is a good sign. have bought so much recently. also loving that you have a few more followers (and i recognise some of them too!) Oonah is perfect. Is Face & Body less coverage than Studio Fix or Prolong wear? I need heavy coverage maaan. xo.

  2. I bet you don't need heavy coverage!!!! surely not! You can layer face and body up on your face, massage it in like a moisturiser and then do it again.. like 2 coats would do you I'm sure of it!!!!! - then concealor select moisture cover where you need it!?!?
    and yup and as I say you are the one that has got me to blog more ;-)