Monday, November 23, 2009

A Lesson In Blocking Out Brows - Saturday

My students at the moment are a right bunch of characters and as I warned them I would, I will introduce you to them now....

So as much as Transport for London tried to prevent me and my class from making it into the college against all odds we did. Siobhan having been given the flu jab which then gave her the flu made a wellcome return to the classroom and made sure everyone was well fed. Debs was off her crutches, Kawlsey laughed ALOT, Diana rocked a new street style, Regina and Elaine somehow managed to get in earlier than the rest of us, Haley was ever so well but Danielle sadly had more bad luck and lost her whole kit on the 94 bus.... should anyone find it! - but as Danielle does she still remained sunny throughout. As the miserable weather battered the windows once we had the heaters on we had rather a lovely day.

So, blocking out eyebrows can be a rather disappointing affair its quite tricky and even if it goes well there is that moment when it just looks wrong or the person your doing it on just looks ill. We had a mixed bag of results but don't worry ladies after your shoots this week I'm going to put you through it all over again!!!

Diana kindly let me use her camera so here are a couple of shots of my demonstration on the lovely Luisa.

I blocked out the brows with morticians wax and sealor used Full Coverage mixed with strobe all over the face, 'Steel Blue' pigment on the eyes highlighted with 'Melon' pigment, 'Blu peep' and' blacktrak' fluid line for the liner finished with a set of false lashes. The lips were lined with Nightmoth lip pencil and filled with 'Film Noir' and 'Fresh Morocco' with lashings of 'lipglass'. All MAC products.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Tinchy Stryder 'Take Me Back' feat. Taoi Cruz

Keeping it real with Tinchy Stryder and the smooth Taoi Cruz, lots of lovely ladies, some impressive pole work, long legs, a couple of dobermans and tatoos! Directed by the slick Emil Nava, me, Peretz and Luisa had a ball on this crisp video! Luisa made an unexpected HD cameo appearance as Taoi's love interest, I literally picked her up and put her on a box and there we have it. Enjoy!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Later With Jools Holland feat. Ellie Goulding

Gorgeous Goulding on Jools Holland Show..... Love Love Love working with Ellie she is super cute!! She has the most amazing milky skin and round deep brown eyes framed with the longest lower lashes and 30s brows a pouty Clara bow mouth and hair like Goldie Hawn in my favoutrite film ever 'Shampoo' !

You're probably familiar with 'Under the Sheets' so check out 'Guns and Horses' she writes the most beautiful clever songs .. I also got to see Wild Beasts which almost made up for the fact that I missed out on working on their video because i was teaching!! ooo and the original Moon Walker!!

Lost Valentinos 'Thief'

Featuring the beautiful Luisa a beautiful video directed by Dave Ma shot on film by DOP Ross McLennan. Lots of Rope, bandages black ink, back brushing and crawling through compost or manure we weren't really sure. Me and a runner got held hostage with the Albanian taxi driver by a security guard police were called I ran off and lost my shoes and it was all terribly exciting!!!!!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sonny J "Handsfree"

Directed by the legend that is Eran Creevy shot in the George Lucas Star Wars studio in Elstree this was epic! 16 hours maybe more, of epic- ness! Me and Peretz did the lot many many characters, hair extensions, rollers, bandages, false nails, cuts, bruises, cold sores, black eyes, handle bar moustache's and a whole lot off trailer trash.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Kid Kudi "Day N Nite"

A glorious day in the basement of Londis East Dulich working on top of a fridge with my partner in crime Peretz assisted by the lovely Luisa. We churned out so many characters that day, goths, roller girl, shop assistants/ manager, Kudi's soap girls and the list goes on, my personal favourite was the police woman that we based on a cross between a 90's Vanessa Paradis and Clueless' Alicia Silverstone in that Aerosmith video.

Arctic Monkeys "Web Transmission"

Directed by '32'
The lovely was Luisa nearly blinded by light as she was filmed by McLennan on macro lense with her head clamped in polystyrene (make up for macro lense is a whole other business.. if you thought HD was difficult its not a scratch on the Macro lense) a couple of days later this was projected on to the set with her eye as big as a small house. It was impressive to see this and then to watch the Arctic Monkeys play in front of it live for a whole day.. as 3 of Luisa's eyes blinked at you out of sequence. Me and Luisa snuggled up on a battered sofa with big mugs of coffee 'Crying Lightning' I couldn't have even dreamt this one up!! Nicely finished of with a couple of pints...

Duck Sauce "Anyway"

What a day, amazing choreography from Katie Prince!!! Me, Peretz and a whole load of " black sexual chocolate" ( quoted from Al) afro wigs and so much sweat we could hardly keep up with it. Another fine piece of work from Eran Creevy (Director of Shifty)... I fashioned a blue roll with lemon ribbon around my neck and we went through the whole lot! Time after time.... .. my favourite phrase was from Jimmy "Step back while Im gonna kiss myself ...Whaaaaaah!" Also big up United Vibrations the house band who totally got the groove on all day.

Ellie Goulding "Under The Sheets"

Introducing the ever so, ever so, ever so lovely Ellie Goulding!!! I ripped my back chasing buses on the way to this one, but somehow i made it in the end and Im rather glad I did.... Im very proud of this one.... Directed by the badass Lennox Bros.. all aboard the fun bus..