Monday, August 1, 2011

My favourite boy, MR LOUIE BANKS! for i-D online....

So whats to say about Louie, anyone that knows me knows how much I love Louie Banks, I love being with him, I love working with him...and i love talking about him!  The i-D piece written by Harriet Verney describes him to a T.

'A scatty, fire-breathing Brighton kid and son of a human cannonball'......
'This bow-legged, buffalo wearing, snapper’s quest for photographic perfection is all over the shots for This Is How We Do It. In whatever weird, warped and wonderful way Louie chooses to interpret his subjects, he never fails to produce a picture that can stop one’s head fitting through a door.'

- That's just for starters.

Click below to see Louie's full feature..

Click below to read my past posting on Louie

Hair - Sami Knight
Make up - Me
Art Direction and words - Harriet Verney

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