Saturday, January 30, 2010

More doodles...this ones of Ellie... in my Brians.. Ellie plays Dingwalls

Ellie played at Dingwalls, Camden on Thursday night and she was mesmerising with straight hair in nude lace. It dawned on me after all these years what it takes to create a great make up. Good lighting, the right height of chair, a decent mirror, enough room and most of all, the most important part, a great atmosphere...In my opinion ofcourse.

Ellie got great reviews for the show see below:

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Secret Door 'Arctic monkeys'

I couldn't find this before but here we have the Secret Door from the Web Transmission that I blogged about previously, this was my favourite one.... you can really get an idea of the power of the Macro Lense.

Directed by 32, DOP Ross McLennan, hair and make up me. Assisted by Luisa Savoia.
Those Beautiful eyes - 'The Face' - Luisa Savioa..... of course...

Monday, January 25, 2010

Brits Launch 2010

I made a lot of mess and had a lot of fun at the Brits Launch. Ellie played Starry Eyed and I was pleased that I had worked on most artists that hit the red carpet that night!! Id never been to the O2 before it was like being on another planet..

Everybodys Starry Eyed.....for..Ellie Goulding

So here we have it. Directed by 3in1 at Colonel Blimp. DOP Ross Mc Lennan. Make up Me Hair by Dee

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

'THE FACE' A Project of my own... 'Portraits of Luisa.'

Photography, Hair, Make Up and Styling by me. Lucy Lovebird, Lover or Wearing depending how you know me.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Doodle and collection

Portraits of Luisa - A Project of my own

Before my blog turns into Ellies Diary!!! Ha ha!! I thought Id put this up...Im working on a collection of portraits....'Portraits of Luisa.' Here are some snap shots taken on my phone, there are many many more where these came from...

Luisa has an arresting beauty, her face is unfathomable, a make up artists dream. I call her 'The Face.'

Hair, Make Up, Photography and Stying by me, Lucy Lovebird or Wearing, depending how you know me!

Ellie Goulding Sound of 2010!!

Even I am dizzy with the speed that everything is happening for Ellie. She isn't mind: she totally takes it in her stride Miss Goulding is one hell of a cool cat...... ... oooo yeah, and she loves to run!!
See below:

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Japaneese Voyeurs - Kerrang!!

So Yesterday I spent the morning with Ellie, Jamie and Shadow went to the Beeb, Ellie was named BBC sound for 2010!! saw the first edit of Starry Eyed - stunning. Spot of shopping then I made an unexpected trip to Holborn Studios.

- Yes! I picked up 2 of those free bags from the foyer - love them!! One of my friends calls them my 'shit bag' so I shall send the other one to him ( he'll see that there not so shit when they're new and you haven't dragged them out on a 3 day bender in Ibiza).

So I worked on Romilly 'Japaneese Voyeurs' for a shoot for Kerrang.... Very nice too.. Corola, whiskey and coke, lashes and eye gloss!

Goulding In The Guardian

'She's the One' - the beautiful Ellie Goulding. Photography Desmond Muckian, I like him very much. Hair, Make up and Styling by me.... I absolutely love this horse T shirt!!! - 'Urban Outfitters' - They've sold out of course!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Ellie Goulding 'Starry Eyed'

DOP Ross McLennan on the Red Cam.

On Monday we shot the Video for 'Starry Eyed' are a few behind the scenes teasers of the 17 hours of the making. The video will be up in 2 weeks...

T4 Freshly Squeezed just before Christmas

More Ellie Goulding... Maide Vale studios to Freshly squeezed to Shepherds Bush Empire!

Ive never seen freshly squeezed but I took a moment to lounge on the T4 sofa, really I just wanted to add a bit of purple to my blog!!!