Thursday, October 27, 2011

Painting Oonah..

Aqua Colour, Supra Colour and MAC acrylic.
Model Oonah Anderson
Painting by Me assisted by Theressa Davis

Monday, October 17, 2011


I worked on the London part of this, shes my No.1 always ....Ellie Goulding...

Eugene McGuinness - LION Directed by 32

I worked on this video with my favorites 32.  Will and Dylan. Here's Eugene McGuinness with LION. Got a sneaky listen to his new album in the car. Its Epic.  He is definitely one to watch out for and what a talented dapper lad he is.
Art direction is beautiful in its simplicity and Pigeon shit starkness, I kid you not we stood in it all day.

Directed by 32
Art Direction Nathan Parker
Assisted by my brother Joseph wearing and Lewis Teague Wright
Choreography by Supple Assisted by Caramel
Styling the lovely Jemima Penny
Assisted by Annelise Buesnel
Hair and Make up Me/ Lucy Wearing
Assisted by Andrea Gomez
All Produced by Stacy, Stacy Vaughan

I  got to try out the Bed Head Tigi Candy Fixations range, I used loads of sugar dust to get a matte finish on the hair and the ferrel messy look combined with Sugar shock to enhance the natural movement of the hair, leaving it just perfectly unkempt.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Photography Louie Banks
Model Mimi Wade
Dress by Coco Fennel
Hair by Sami Knight
Make up by me
Shot in my studio Studio in the Palace contact Graeme through our web page for more details.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Oh Oonah, how you remind me of Veruschka

My demo from Saturday
Model - Oonah Anderson
Make up by ME -  Lucy Wearing/ Lovebird depending on how you know me.

Whats your sneaker thing? Foot Locker putting the SEX into SNEAKER

We shot this commercial recently, for 2 days we sweated people up watched them writhe and listened to them groan. It was really quite something....

Directed by Mr Sam Washington
Styling Minty Cadwallader
Hair and Make up Me
Assisted by Andrea Gomez and Oonah Anderson

Friday, October 7, 2011

So I guess this comes under "some of the things I get up to..." TIGI BED HEAD CANDY FIXATIONS

So Yesterday I went to Purple PRs event of the aforementioned new product range, what a delight it was a magical world of irredescent candies, milk bottles, lollypops and Fizz....NOT Frizz.

Im not really one for my hair smelling like sweets but this stuff is divine, with products with yummy names such as Sugar Dust. Sugar Shock, Totally Baked, Mega Whip.. hair care straight from Charlies Chocolate Factory.

I came home with Carnaby Streets very own Denim Delicious Simone Clarke, whos hair I have bleached 3 times in as many days and is still as soft as babies.  No volume Simone...Not anymore she left looking like a Cherish Madonna and padded down the street leaving a delicious trail of loveliness.

Check out the products.  Candy Pin up girl has hair to dye for. Jealous! She looked every bit a Candy Fixation yesterday with great make up from Nina Fay Robinson, who I am proud to say that I taught once upon a time.

Here's the ever delicious Josh Quinton and Sami Knight having a lick of the Lolly.  I'm not sure which josh was most pleased about coming across a giant lolly pop or the fact the goody bag went so well with his out fit! And the lovely Louie and mega babe Mimi sampling some good old fashioned confectionery on sticks.