Thursday, May 26, 2011

WOLFGANG - The King and All His Men

Amelia by Dan Curwin

GO ON WOLFGANG!! - I love these guys they are SO good live, you should definately catch one of their shows if you haven't already.

1 Day at Beachy head and 1 day in the Chislehurst Caves, something like 1500 or 15000 people lived in those caves during the war and apparently according to Geoff, Druids used to sacrifice women and children in there apparently it was an honor to be chosen.

Most haunted MUST have done an episode down there...but I'm not sure about that.

The tunnels stretch 22 miles underground. You can tour the caves with a guide. There is also a serious reenactment club next door. There were lots of Thor like characters munching on sandwiches, supping tea on the veranda with all sorts of artillery strapped to their backs.  Of the plastic variety and Geoff a genuine tour guide should know, he's a retired cop from Texas. It was a bit like going on an educational school trip and making a music video.  At Beachy head it was a bit like going on a hiking expedition and doing the same.

Anyhow, I got to spend 2 days with the lovely Aimee Croysdill (stylist) and Max and Aimee's assistant Leila Hartley, ANNNGUS, Dan and the rest....and fish and chips on the beach as the sun set.

I can't seem to embed the video so here's a link 
directed by the James Lees
The King and all his men - WOLFGANG
Styling Aimee Croysdill
Hair and Make Up - Me, Lucy Wearing

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