Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ellie Goulding lights

Here she is the gorgeous Goulding, this video has been on line for a bit but I didn't want to blog it until Lights was actually released.

Poor Ellie had a serious case of the flu on the shoot day but she managed to pull it out of the bag.. the raunch bag..

This was also the day that we welcomed Josh Goodwin into the fold and its all been 'Beyond' ever since.

Me and Josh got to throw some flashing balls at Lauren whilst she donned a rather fetching gimpish black all in one.

Make up - Me Lucy Wearing / Lovebird/ Lover depending how you know me
Hair -  Josh Goodwin
Styling - Lauren Grant

Directed by the legend that is Sophie Muller

Josh , Ellie and me

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  1. i love ELLIE and this is my favorite ELLIE song and the vid gives me the shakes its so brilliant - i love the way she dances during this song, at the start and during under the sheets too - love her x