Friday, November 6, 2009

Arctic Monkeys "Web Transmission"

Directed by '32'
The lovely was Luisa nearly blinded by light as she was filmed by McLennan on macro lense with her head clamped in polystyrene (make up for macro lense is a whole other business.. if you thought HD was difficult its not a scratch on the Macro lense) a couple of days later this was projected on to the set with her eye as big as a small house. It was impressive to see this and then to watch the Arctic Monkeys play in front of it live for a whole day.. as 3 of Luisa's eyes blinked at you out of sequence. Me and Luisa snuggled up on a battered sofa with big mugs of coffee 'Crying Lightning' I couldn't have even dreamt this one up!! Nicely finished of with a couple of pints...

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