Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Morning Parade A&E

A cheeky bunch these lot. So a day and night in the height of December outside in the rain freezing without the appropriate outerwear!   The lovely Oonah Anderson Assisted me in her day glo trainers (so I wouldn't loose her in the dark) on this dark tale told by Nabil and produced by the lovely Helen Potter at RSA Black Dog. Cuts, bruises, mud, dirt, scratches and lots of blood, this was a fun one  to get stuck into make up wise.  We even got a Christmas dinner.

Oh and not forgetting an amazing cast that didn't complain once at me and Oonah continuously rubbing dirt off of the road and the forest floor into their hair, hands and faces!- that's right i didn't go for mud in a pot, I went for the real thing. as for the blood, that came out of a bottle.

Hair and make up me
assisted by OOOOOOooonah Anderson

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