Wednesday, November 24, 2010

She's a dream, she's the one, she's hit No.1 on i tunes, 3 days with Ellie

Myself , Max, Ben (I got to make 2 new friends)  Jam and Emily spent 3 days wonderful days with Ellie -  Starting in a studio in South London for the recording of Your Song with Ben Lovett on piano - that was pretty moving as I doodled away in my sketch book.  Then we went to Hereford to find the places that meant the most to Ellie when she was growing up , we hiked around Hereford and a bit about London.

I am very proud that my shot of Ellie made it to the final cut and really speechless to find myself in it.

This is a very special video, my favourite ever.  Infact she's my favourite ever ...but I reckon you could guess that.....

I am so super lucky!!!
By Max Knight and Ben Coughlan

Your Song - Ellie Goulding with Ben Lovett on piano

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  1. SUCH a beautiful video, nice to see your face in it too! i was sad i couldnt pop over to the green room and say hi the other day, was busy busy :( ellie looked and sounded usual!! hope to see you soon x