Friday, October 29, 2010

Then that led to this.... X factor o clock!

This time I had to design for 8 Leopardess', 8 Leopard trainers, 12 Drummer boys, 2 Aerialists, 2 Hoop dancers and 2 Fire eaters, all to be done in just over.............2 hours!  That's 34 characters in 2 hours 15 mins!

So I enlisted the ever faithfull Susanna Peretz to head the Leopadess' team and 6 fabulous assistants pictured above from left to right may I present to you Verity Cumming ( in charge of all tears) Oonah Anderson in with the Leopardess team, Theressa Davis all over the drummer boys, Andrea Gomez the Venezuelan (she makes the best coffee) on the Leopardess team and Luisa Savioa who tamed the Leopard tamers, last but not least Elias Hove the 'Prince of Bleach' - team Leopardess.

The X Factor was electric, people go mad for it, seriously crazy!

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