Saturday, January 9, 2010

Japaneese Voyeurs - Kerrang!!

So Yesterday I spent the morning with Ellie, Jamie and Shadow went to the Beeb, Ellie was named BBC sound for 2010!! saw the first edit of Starry Eyed - stunning. Spot of shopping then I made an unexpected trip to Holborn Studios.

- Yes! I picked up 2 of those free bags from the foyer - love them!! One of my friends calls them my 'shit bag' so I shall send the other one to him ( he'll see that there not so shit when they're new and you haven't dragged them out on a 3 day bender in Ibiza).

So I worked on Romilly 'Japaneese Voyeurs' for a shoot for Kerrang.... Very nice too.. Corola, whiskey and coke, lashes and eye gloss!

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