Thursday, December 10, 2009

Wiley 'Take That'

So... where to start on this one this was a Wearing and Peretz affair (hair and make up) Directed by Ben Taylor produced by the Ryderman for Between the Eyes.

So make up wise we went for cyborg-geisha- dolls which isn't a term but I cant think of any other way to describe it.

Strobe, Face and body, sky blue pigment around the eyes, tangerine blush as highlighter ( inner eye and cheekbones) 'Simply Scarlett' blush on the cheeks and temples blended on to the forehead with the tangerine finished with triple fusion to catch the light, 'Black Trak' Fluid line liner that breaks into two at the flick on the top , Bouffard and Pazzery 'Crystal black lashes' on the top and single flares all along the bottom, 'Redd' lip liner and 'Lustering' mixed with 'Lady Danger' painted on the lips finished off with lashings of 'Lip Glass' and white contact lenses All products unless otherwise detailed are from MAC.

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